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Ian Mitchell King 2024

Ian King

Ever heard of a guy who wears many hats and still keeps them all on straight? Meet Ian King, a Los Angeles legend known for his diverse contributions to the community. With a background as a non-practicing attorney, Ian’s got a knack for mediating conflicts and resolving disputes without dragging folks into the courtroom. He’s saved countless clients time and cash. Plus, he’s big in real estate, helping people find their dream homes and make smart investments. Want to know more about Ian King? Check this out.

Los Angeles

Ah, Los Angeles, the city of angels and endless opportunities. Ian King fits right in here with all his ventures. This city’s vibrant culture and dynamic energy are the perfect playground for his projects. Take the Los Angeles Art Collective, for instance. Ian’s all about making art accessible to everyone. Imagine strolling through art walks, joining workshops, and seeing public installations that bring the community together. Sounds fun, right? Ian’s also got the Los Angeles Life Connection, a group aimed at reconnecting people post-COVID. It’s all about rebuilding social ties and fostering a sense of community.

Kings Consultants, LLC

Now, let’s talk business. Kings Consultants, LLC is Ian’s brainchild based in Studio City, CA. This consulting firm specializes in expert mediation and conflict resolution. Got a business dispute or a personal disagreement? Ian’s your guy. With his extensive experience as a non-practicing attorney, he offers unique insights and effective solutions that keep everyone happy. Curious about Kings Consultants’ and Studio City? Keep scrolling!

Studio City

Studio City, where charm meets vibrancy, is the perfect home base for Ian King and Kings Consultants, LLC. This neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley is known for its cozy feel and lively local culture. It’s a place where residential tranquility and urban convenience blend seamlessly. Ian’s consulting practice fits right in with Studio City’s community-oriented atmosphere. Here, he’s not just running a business, he’s building connections and supporting local initiatives.


So, what’s the takeaway? Ian King’s career and initiatives show his deep commitment to enhancing life in Los Angeles. Through Kings Consultants, LLC, the Los Angeles Art Collective, and Los Angeles Life Connection, he’s all about fostering creativity, promoting mental wellness, and building strong communities. Based in Studio City, CA, Ian continues to make a big impact, helping create a vibrant and connected city. Want to dive deeper into his world? Learn more about Ian King here.

Now, how about getting involved in some of these awesome projects? The city’s waiting!

For more info about Ian King Los Angeles, visit his newest webpage: https://www.iankinglosangeles.me/



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Los Angeles resident Ian Mitchell King adores horseback riding. He is a non-practicing attorney, owner of Kings Consultants, LLC, and lives in Studio City.