Ian King Los Angeles Community Events & Gatherings
Ian King Los Angeles Community Events & Gatherings

Ian Mitchell King, a business consultant and non-practicing attorney, is based in Studio City, California, with offices in Orange County and Las Vegas. He's also a former service member. Encino, California, is where he grew up.

Currently, he serves as a Senior Advisor for a company that owns and runs a variety of commercial properties, including restaurants, convenience shops, and accounting offices. In addition, he is the owner and managing partner of Kings Consultants LLC, a crisis management firm. In this position, he has helped numerous companies and people overcome obstacles and achieve prosperity and success.

Ian King Los Angeles, a Studio City, California resident, stands out as a seasoned business consultant and non-practicing attorney. Originally from Encino, California, he has established a remarkable career trajectory in his home state. He plays a crucial role as a Senior Advisor in a diverse business firm, overseeing operations in real estate, restaurants, convenience stores, and accounting. His strategic expertise and leadership have been pivotal in propelling these entities toward prosperity and growth.

His advisory position is the entrepreneurial force behind Kings Consultants LLC, where he is the owner and Managing Partner. This Crisis Management Firm is renowned for aiding organizations and individuals through challenging times, with its adept problem-solving and crisis management skills being a cornerstone of its success.

A solid educational foundation underpins his robust background in business and law. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Southern California (USC) and completed his Master of Business Administration with high distinctions. His academic journey culminated at the University of San Diego Law School, where he was recognized as a Merit Scholar and awarded a scholarship covering a significant portion of his tuition.

His military service further distinguishes Ian Mitchell King's career. He served as an Enlisted Infantry Marine and later as an LT. in the Navy, where he achieved numerous commendations. His most notable military achievements include being named a Marine Corps Company Honor Man and earning a meritorious promotion. His academic prowess was equally evident in his military career, as he graduated top of his class from the School of Infantry and was an Honor Graduate at the US Navy Officer Candidate School. Additionally, he served in prestigious roles such as a Navy LT Public Affairs Advisor and a Pentagon Staff Member for the Secretary of Defense.

King's transition from military service to a successful business career demonstrates his versatility, strategic insight, and unwavering dedication to community service.

Philanthropy plays a significant role in his life. As a committed Rotarian, he actively participates in several Rotary clubs, including Pasadena and Studio City/Sherman Oaks. His club participation demonstrates his dedication to community service and international philanthropy. King's volunteer work spans various causes, from supporting homeless outreach programs to aiding battered women, underprivileged youth, veterans, and other underserved communities. His donations to religious organizations and groups like The Aleph Institute and Surfers United further showcase his commitment to diverse charitable causes.

Ian King's community involvement extends to volunteering with local homeless shelters and youth centers. His efforts with the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission and Pasadena Homeless Shelter underscore his commitment to supporting and uplifting those in need. His military background also plays a crucial role in his philanthropic activities. As an American Legion and Marine Corps League member, he leverages his experience to support fellow veterans and give back to the community.


Ian King Los Angeles Community Events & Gatherings

Ian King Los Angeles Community Events & Gatherings

Los Angeles resident Ian Mitchell King adores horseback riding. He is a non-practicing attorney, owner of Kings Consultants, LLC, and lives in Studio City.